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[49] Roger Ebert gave it zero stars, calling it "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash". [127] Chaerea tried to persuade the military to support the Senate. Caligula este un film din 1979 regizat de Tinto Brass cu scene adiționale filmate de Giancarlo Lui și de fondatorul Penthouse Bob Guccione.Filmul tratează ascensiunea și decăderea Împăratului Roman, Caligula. Katz, "The Illness of Caligula" CW 65(1972),223-25, refuted by M.G. Fabius Rusticus and Cluvius Rufus both wrote condemning histories on Caligula that are now lost. [32], Peter O'Toole was reluctant to re-record his English dialogue when it was needed. PRON[EPOS] (great-grandson of) AVG. Drusilla reluctantly supports their marriage. IMP. [95] Caligula responded by removing Flaccus from his position and executing him. Liste der Besetung: Malcolm McDowell, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud u.v.m. [28] Jay Scott, reviewing Caligula for The Globe and Mail, said, "Caligula doesn't really work on any level". [19] Vidal distanced himself from the production, calling Brass a "megalomaniac". During the celebration, Drusilla collapses with the same fever he suffered. [46], Historians describe a number of Caligula's other desperate measures. Josephus gives a detailed description of Caligula's assassination. The conspirators' attempt to use the opportunity to restore the Roman Republic was thwarted, however. Fearing assassination, Caligula is afraid to leave but his sister and lover Drusilla persuades him to go. Aldrete, Gregory. Login with Gmail. [54], A brief famine of unknown extent occurred, perhaps caused by this financial crisis, but Suetonius claims it resulted from Caligula's seizure of public carriages;[46] according to Seneca, grain imports were disrupted because Caligula re-purposed grain boats for a pontoon bridge.[55]. [74] The first known equestrian governor of the two provinces was Marcus Fadius Celer Flavianus, in office in 44. The Temple of Jerusalem was then transformed into a temple for Caligula, and it was called the Temple of Illustrious Gaius the New Jupiter. [98] However, Caligula issued a second order to have his statue erected in the Temple of Jerusalem. [119] Caligula considered Chaerea effeminate because of a weak voice and for not being firm with tax collection. In 2020, another version of the film was announced to be released in the fall of that year, edited by E. Elias Merhige to follow more closely Gore Vidal's original screenplay instead of Tinto Brass' or Bob Guccione's vision.[16]. [57][58] Writing for The A.V. [59], Caligula is considered to be a "cult classic". Soon afterward, Caligula receives another ill omen in the form of a blackbird. Film critic and internet personality Brad Jones aka The Cinema Snob often considers Caligula to be his most favorite film, so much so that, for his Snob set, he usually has a poster of Caligula to the right of his chair. [85], The validity of these accounts is debatable. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Even though there were a number of editors on the film, their names were not credited. Guccione and Lui "hired a skeleton crew, snuck back into the studios at night, raided the prop room"[17] and shot hardcore sex scenes to edit into the film. [145] Despite swimming being a part of imperial education, Caligula could not swim. [12] Because the producers did not allow Brass to edit the film, they changed its tone and style significantly and added hardcore sex scenes not filmed by Brass, thus turning Caligula into a pornographic drama that disregarded the director's intentions to present the film as a political satire. There was, instead, a nauseating excursion into base and sad fantasies. [67] He replaced the consul and had several senators put to death. [17] Several mainstream actors were cast, Guccione intending to make a film which he felt, like Citizen Kane, would be a landmark in cinematic history. [18] Suetonius claims that Caligula was already cruel and vicious: he writes that, when Tiberius brought Caligula to Capri, his purpose was to allow Caligula to live in order that he "prove the ruin of himself and of all men, and that he was rearing a viper for the Roman people and a Phaethon for the world. [85][86] He would appear there on occasion and present himself as a god to the public. The final screenplay focuses on the idea that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Untertitel: Aufstieg und Fall eines Tyrannen) ist ein Filmdes italienischen RegisseursTinto Brassaus dem Jahr 1979 über den römischen ImperatorCaligula(italienisch Caligola). "[53] Furthermore, Alston points out that Caligula's successor, Claudius, was able to donate 15,000 sesterces to each member of the praetorian guard in 41,[26] suggesting the Roman treasury was solvent. [141] According to Josephus, power made Caligula incredibly conceited and led him to think he was a god. Its uncut form remains banned in several countries. [28], Caligula accepted the powers of the principate as conferred by the Senate and entered Rome on 28 March amid a crowd that hailed him as "our baby" and "our star", among other nicknames. Germanicus' uncle and adoptive father, Tiberius, succeeded Augustus as emperor of Rome in AD 14. "[10][17], Caligula claimed to have planned to kill Tiberius with a dagger to avenge his mother and brother: however, having brought the weapon into Tiberius's bedroom he did not kill the Emperor but instead threw the dagger down on the floor. The next morning, after rehearsing an Egyptian play, Caligula and his family are attacked in a coup headed by Chaerea. [20] Brass's screenplay expanded the sexual content to include orgies, decorative phalluses, and much female nudity. [128] The military, though, remained loyal to the idea of imperial monarchy. With his final breath, the Emperor defiantly whimpers "I live!" [76] However, the rebellion of Tacfarinas had shown how exposed Africa Proconsularis was to its west and how the Mauretanian client kings were unable to provide protection to the province, and it is thus possible that Caligula's expansion was a prudent response to potential future threats. Caligula observes with fascination and horror. Caligula (band), an Australian pop/rock band Caligula, a 2004 rock musical by Eric Svejcar; Caligula, a 2006 opera by Detlev Glanert The smaller ship was designed as a temple dedicated to Diana. His uncle Claudius was spared only because Caligula preferred to keep him as a laughing stock. Modern historians have put forward numerous theories in an attempt to explain these actions. [104] He is accused of sleeping with other men's wives and bragging about it,[105] killing for mere amusement,[106] deliberately wasting money on his bridge, causing starvation,[107] and wanting a statue of himself in the Temple of Jerusalem for his worship. [66] Brass' family supports Tuschinski's effort, but it remains unconfirmed if Brass will be directly involved with the edit. [138] The question of whether Caligula was insane (especially after his illness early in his reign) remains unanswered.[138]. [77] The few primary sources disagree on what precisely occurred. [88], Caligula's religious policy was a departure from that of his predecessors. [28][29] Brass ultimately disowned the film.[30]. Seneca's various works give mostly scattered anecdotes on Caligula's personality. [24] The Penthouse attorney described the Fairlawn events as being driven by conservative morality reinforced by Ronald Reagan's presidential victory, stating, "Apparently, these extremists have interpreted a change by administration to mean a clarion call for a mandate to shackle the public's mind again. The conflict eventually led to the destruction of her family, with Caligula as the sole male survivor. (probably Res Civium Conservatae, i.e. [118] Suetonius sees the motive in Caligula calling Chaerea derogatory names. [41], In Boston, authorities seized the film. [25], When Tiberius died on 16 March 37 AD, his estate and the titles of the principate were left to Caligula and Tiberius's own grandson, Gemellus, who were to serve as joint heirs. [142] Juvenal reports he was given a magic potion that drove him insane. It has been reappraised by some critics; review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a negative score of 23% based on 30 reviews, with an average rating of 3.06/10. Die Produzenten waren Franco Rosselliniund der Penthouse-Chef Bob Guccione. Darker aspects of Caligula's personality emerge when he rapes a bride and groom on their wedding day in a minor fit of jealousy and orders Gemellus's execution to provoke a reaction from Drusilla. While the reliability of these sources is questionable, it is known that during his brief reign, Caligula worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor, as opposed to countervailing powers within the principate. [7] Gaius, though, reportedly grew to dislike this nickname. the interests of citizens have been preserved). Caption: C. CAESAR AVG. [61] He had planned to rebuild the palace of Polycrates at Samos, to finish the temple of Didymaean Apollo at Ephesus and to found a city high up in the Alps. [24], In 35, Caligula was named joint heir to Tiberius's estate along with Tiberius Gemellus. [155] The obverse of the coin contains a picture of a Pileus which symbolizes the liberation of the people from the tax burden. [21] Vidal's name was removed from the film's title; the credits were changed to state that the film was "adapted from a screenplay by Gore Vidal", crediting no official screenwriter. [6] He was soon given an affectionate nickname, Caligula, meaning "little (soldier's) boot" in Latin, after the small boots (caligae) he wore. After a soldier, Gratus, found Claudius hiding behind a palace curtain, he was spirited out of the city by a sympathetic faction of the Praetorian Guard[130] to their nearby camp.[131]. His rough-cut was disassembled afterwards and the film was edited by several editors, changing its tone and structure significantly by removing and re-arranging many scenes, using different takes, a slower editing style and music other than Brass intended. Alexander Thomson. [4][34], A 3 ½ hour cut of the film was shown at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival. Caligula sets up a mock trial in which Gemellus is intimidated into testifying that Macro murdered Tiberius, then has Macro's wife Ennia banished from Rome. [41], Perhaps most significantly, he restored the practice of democratic elections. [17], Principal photography began in 1976 in Rome. Caligula (/ k ə ˈ l ɪ ɡ j ʊ l ə /; 31 ... A feature-length historical film Caligula was completed in 1979, in which Malcolm McDowell played the lead role. This wiki is still under construction. The film explores his relationship to Caligula, the process of reconstructing Brass's vision and Penthouse CEO Kelly Holland's backing of the project. [28] He destroyed Tiberius's treason papers, declared that treason trials were a thing of the past, and recalled those who had been sent into exile. [53] He does point out, however, that it is difficult to ascertain whether the purported 'squandered wealth' was from the treasury alone due to the blurring of "the division between the private wealth of the emperor and his income as head of state. The film stars Malcolm McDowell in the title role, alongside Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, John Steiner and John Gielgud. Der Film basiert auf einem Buch von Gore Vidal und wurde vom Erotik-Magazin Penthouse finanziert. When he arrived at the age of manhood he endured fatigue tolerably well. Mauretania was a client kingdom of Rome ruled by Ptolemy of Mauretania. Suetonius wrote his history on Caligula 80 years after his death, while Cassius Dio wrote his history over 180 years after Caligula's death. [48], Caligula received generally negative reviews. It is the only feature film produced by the men's magazine Penthouse. Caligula a fost scris de Gore Vidal și cofinanțat de revista Penthouse iar Guccione și Franco Rossellini au fost producătorii. [36] An edited version had a limited run in a small town near Forli, Italy before opening in Rome on Sunday, November 11, 1979. Gore Vidal originated the idea for a film about the controversial Roman emperor and produced a draft screenplay under the working title Gore Vidal's Caligula. [132] [16] According to historians, Caligula was an excellent natural actor and, recognizing danger, hid all his resentment towards Tiberius. [89] Augustus had the public worship his spirit on occasion, but Dio describes this as an extreme act that emperors generally shied away from. He states that both the elder Gaius Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar) and the younger Gaius Julius Caesar (Caligula) were stabbed 30 times by conspirators led by a man named Cassius (Cassius Longinus and Cassius Chaerea). The current lineup consists of lead vocalist Jim Grey, lead guitarist Sam Vallen, guitarist Adrian Goleby, bassist and vocalist Dale Prinsse and drummer Josh Griffin. Tacitus provides some information on Caligula's life under Tiberius. [51] Hank Werba of Variety described the film as a "moral holocaust" in his review. [93] According to Philo, the visit was met with jeers from the Greek population who saw Agrippa as the king of the Jews. He directed much of his attention to ambitious construction projects and luxurious dwellings for himself, and initiated the construction of two aqueducts in Rome: the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus. In Roman political culture, insanity and sexual perversity were often presented hand-in-hand with poor government. The Senate had become accustomed to ruling without an emperor between the departure of Tiberius for Capri in 26 and Caligula's accession. Italics indicates a junior co-emperor, while underlining indicates a usurper. In Rome, another statue of himself, of colossal size, was made of gilt brass for the purpose. [116] The plot is described as having been planned by three men, but many in the senate, army and equestrian order were said to have been informed of it and involved in it.[117]. Die Produzenten waren Franco Rossellini und der Penthouse-Chef Bob Guccione. [33] The album featured Nicolai's score and two versions—one in a disco style—of a love theme titled "We Are One", which did not appear in the film. [47] He levied taxes on lawsuits, weddings and prostitution. [17], The film was scored by Bruno Nicolai under the name Paul Clemente. Caligula had the heads removed from various statues of gods located across Rome and replaced them with his own. Philadelphia. Some modern historians think that Caligula suffered from hyperthyroidism. Now in a deep depression, Caligula walks the Roman streets disguised as a beggar; he causes a disturbance after watching an amateur performance mocking his relationship with Drusilla. AVG. [36][37] Caligula collected and brought back the bones of his mother and of his brothers and deposited their remains in the tomb of Augustus. [20] Guccione said Brass's rewrites were done out of necessity to the film's visual narrative and did not alter the dialogue or content. Instead, the credit "Editing by the Production" is given during the opening credits. [17] Guccione said Brass shot enough film to "make the original version of Ben-Hur about 50 times over". J.H. He focused instead on women whom Guccione considered to be unattractive. [52], However, some historians have shown scepticism towards the large number of sesterces quoted by Suetonius and Dio. To gain funds, Caligula asked the public to lend the state money. [22][44][45], The script was adapted into a novelization written by William Johnston under the pseudonym William Howard. 2,933 edits made, 62 articles created and 624 images uploaded since January, 2017. [10][17] An observer said of Caligula, "Never was there a better servant or a worse master! [67] The subject of their disagreement is unknown. [21] Schneider became uncomfortable with appearing nude and in sexual scenes, and left the production, to be replaced by Teresa Ann Savoy, whom Brass had previously worked with on Salon Kitty. [20] In The Encyclopedia of Epic Films, author Djoymi Baker describes Brass's screenplay as "an antiepic with an antihero, on a path of self-inflicted, antisocial descent". Additionally, there are only limited details on later significant events, such as the annexation of Mauretania, Caligula's military actions in Britannia, and his feud with the Roman Senate. [87] It is said that he wished to be worshipped as Neos Helios, the "New Sun". The fake trailer was screened worldwide, including New York City's Whitney Museum of American Art's 2006 Whitney Biennial. [50] According to Suetonius, in the first year of Caligula's reign he squandered 2.7 billion sesterces that Tiberius had amassed. Caligula's Horse is an Australian progressive metal band from Brisbane, Queensland.The band was formed by Sam Vallen and Jim Grey in early 2011. [70] A conspiracy involving his brother-in-law was foiled in late 39. "CALIGULA – A Small Selection of Advertisements and Posters", "Caligula MMXX - announcement on website for 2020 re-release", "Bob Guccione Caligula Interview from Penthouse May 1980", "Analysis and reconstruction of Tinto Brass' intended version of Caligula (PDF, 15,2 MB, 106 pages)", "Marjorie Lee Thoreson A/K/A Anneka Dilorenzo, Appellant-Respondent, V. Penthouse International, Ltd. And Robert C. Guccione, Respondents-Appellants", "100 Most Controversial Films of All Time", "Leonardo DiCaprio channelled Caligula for Wolf of Wall Street", "Penthouse Event Previews New Version of Classic Film 'Caligula' | AVN", Live from Golgotha: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal,, Cultural depictions of Agrippina the Younger, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles containing Italian-language text, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2014, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Wood Sequence (Intro/Spartacus/Romeo & Juliet)", "Drusilla's Death - Main Theme (Spartacus)", "Orgy On Ship (Cinderella/Midnight Waltz)", Produzioni Atlas Consorziate (P.A.C.) [37] In Rome, it was the highest-grossing film of the weekend, with a gross of $59,950 from 6 theaters. [21] Schneider had also apparently angered Brass by sewing up the open tunics she was supposed to wear on camera. Untertitel: Aufstieg und Fall eines Tyrannen) ist ein Filmdes italienischen RegisseursTinto Brassaus dem Jahr 1979 über den römischen ImperatorCaligula(italienisch Caligola). [49] Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reviewer Philip Martin also gave the film 3 out of 5. Er ließ am Vortag von Rennen die Straßen zum Circus durch Soldaten absperren und ordnete Ruhe an, damit Incitatus nicht in seiner Konzentration gestört würde. [41] When the film was released in New York City, the anti-pornography organization Morality in Media unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit against these federal officials. [17] McDowell got along well with Tinto Brass, while Peter O'Toole immediately disliked the director. Occasionally he was liable to faintness, during which he remained incapable of any effort". Nach hoffnungsvollem Regierungsbeginn, der durch persönliche Schicksalsschläge getrübt wurde, übte der Kaiser seine Herrschaft zunehmend als autokratischer Monarch aus und ließ in Hochverratsprozessen … Meanwhile, despite Caligula's popularity with the masses, the Senate expresses disapproval for what initially seem to be light eccentricities. Perhaps his illness reminded him of his mortality and of the desire of others to advance into his place. [69], Soon after his break with the Senate, Caligula faced a number of additional conspiracies against him. This edition also includes audio commentaries featuring Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, and interviews with the cast and crew. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 15. The cause of tensions in the east was complicated, involving the spread of Greek culture, Roman Law and the rights of Jews in the empire. [58] He began the aqueducts Aqua Claudia and Anio Novus, which Pliny the Elder considered engineering marvels. [70] Soon afterwards, the Governor of Germany, Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus, was executed for connections to a conspiracy.[70]. [12][13], The adolescent Caligula was then sent to live with his great-grandmother (and Tiberius's mother), Livia. Additionally, given Caligula's unpopularity among the surviving sources, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. [5], As a boy of just two or three, Gaius accompanied his father, Germanicus, on campaigns in the north of Germania. Morgan, "Caligula's Illness Again", CW 66(1973), 327–29. [4] In November 1980, Guccione formed Penthouse Records to release a double album soundtrack to Caligula. There are few surviving sources on Caligula and none of them paints Caligula in a favourable light. However, it is not known whether they are speaking figuratively or literally. Caligula, a 1938 play by Albert Camus; Caligula, a 1968 tragedy by John Crowne; Caligula, a 1979 film about the emperor; Caligula 2, a 1982 film about the emperor; Caligula, a 2018 anime television series; Music. According to legend, during his military actions in Britannia Caligula grew addicted to a steady diet of European sea eels, which led to their Latin name being Coluber caligulensis.

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